The land surrounding the lake: nieuwe-meer near Amsterdam-west is a undefined greenspace were all kinds of unplanned activities developed during the last 50 years. Now the pressure of Schipholdevelopment and the Amsterdam buisness-centre: Zuid-as is increasing.

The main question is: How to divide this suddenly valuable land, and how strong is the claim of the users that use the space in an informal way? This project focuses around the actors already using the area and the actors willing to invest in new development on the same zone.

By developing small new alliances of minority actors, these users will strenghten their claim on the land. This will be conducted by developing new functions that will combine properties of different actors. The small actors will provide valuable functions that will be an asset for the new developments that will occure in the future.

For example: A coalition of watersportactors can provide the area with an interresting public leassure zone that will be benifitial for the quality of development near the Zuid-as.

The two maps show spacial designs for two different coalitions: Sports/ Water and Nature /Culture.

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