I've worked for the municipality of Eindhoven on an innovative and experimental project: The NRE- area.

This former industrial area has been closed for many years. Despite a very prominent location at the edge of the city centre, the area is still unknown by most of the inhabitants of Eindhoven. This lack of fame will change in the upcoming years.

Organic design is all about the development process. This process starts with a market consultation for the eleven historical buildings. These buildings will be sold to initiators that offer both a decent financial offer and an innovative plan. This plan should also include a vision on the collective public space, because this project will also stimulate the initiators to collectively design their -public spaces.

The main goal is to let the end-user take as much control of the development as possible. During organized design sessions the municipality tries to start a proactive coöperation between the different initiators. This starts by helping them discide the main principles of the urban layout and the collective ambitions.

My function in this projects hoovers somewhere between urban design and project management. This time it was the procces that needed designing. Every problem we encounter is new and because every step is a reaction on the ongoing development, it’s almost impossible to plan anything.

In this project I’ve used my skills in a lot of different ways. I advise the unexperienced initiators during design sessions, build a Model and visualized different ideas. As for project management I analyzed different organic development strategies and tried to improve our own development process. For example: I thought about ways to let the end-users contribute to a new active community, and how this community could help to promote the project.

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