On this page you’ll find the urban design projects I completed during and after my study. Click on the project titel to see additional information and more images. On each page you’ll also find a link to the projectlocation on Google Earth.

Organic Urban design in the citycentre of Eindhoven


Transforming the towncentre of Sliedrecht to be more flexible and future proof.


In this assignment we needed to develop a concept that include five sustainable solutions. The result is a Sustainable multipurpose communitycentre


Search for regional spatial qualities in North-east Netherlands. A search for a regional planning methode that wil increase the identitie of a settlement.


Strategic coalistion between actors in a undefined city-edge area to boost the polictical strenght and social value of local minority groups.


Densificationproject near the Gaasperpark in Amsterdam Zuid-oost


Redevelopment of the Maaswaard. Creating a new city entrance

Plan GGZ terrein

Strategic change in infrastructure to increase spacial quality of a well-located citycentre zone.